Turgot's plan of Paris in color, assembled and printed on bache: Scale 1
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Turgot's plan of Paris in color, assembled and printed on bache: Scale 1

Louis Bretez - PLAN DE PARIS dit PLAN DE TURGOT, 1734-1739 printed in 2 strips on tarpaulin for a total assembled surface of 3.8 x 3.2 m. - Tarpaulins are printed on demand within 10 days on average.


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This plan of Paris, begun in 1734, was drawn up under the orders of Michel Étienne Turgot, the capital's Provost of Merchants. Its engraving, completed in 1739, is without doubt the finest pre-Revolutionary plan of Paris, the last to be drawn “à vue d'oiseau”. It contains the 20 plates surveyed and drawn by Louis Bretez, engraved by Claude Lucas and written by Aubin, plus an overall plan.
This is the first and only reprint of this famous plan in full color and to scale 1. All 20 plates have been assembled, and the entire plan is printed on PVC. This 3.8 x 3.2 m plan is to scale 1.

This format will enhance your company's reception area or meeting room.

This is the most beautiful plan of Paris ever produced, and an important record of Paris before the Revolution and before Haussmann.
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The Actualitté website, les univers du livre, talks about our plan. Superb, comprehensive article, a must-read:


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